Starting next year, the Denver Public Library will eliminate late fines and fees.

I don't get to the Mesa County Library very often. It's a shame really. It's one of the nicer I've been to in the many cities I've worked in. Needless to say, I've not checked out many books. I have wondered about those dreaded  "late fees" and not taking back an overdue book. Does having the fines really motivate people to bring the books back? I mean if you're a book lover, you checked the book out, read it, wouldn't you want to take it back? Why keep a book you've already read?

The Denver Public Library thinks the fees are no longer worth the effort and will not be charging then starting in 2019. That's surprising. The city collected over $100, 000 in late fees last year. The library hopes eliminating the fines will help increase access to the books and services for customers that afford the fines. Who is it that can afford a fine anyway? Denver Librarian Michelle Jeske says, “Too often, fines penalize the most vulnerable families and individuals who can least afford them; we want to reverse this trend and get community members back into our buildings to use materials and enhance their quality of life and education.”

So my question is, "Should Mesa County Libraries eliminate overdue book fines as well? Shouldn't all libraries? Isn't the whole idea to encourage reading? Help those that can't afford to buy or download a copy of a book the opportunity to read and enjoy it?" If they don't return them in a timely fashion, revoke their library card. The loss of the privilege is a greater fine than the money.

Credit: Fox31