Of all times of the  year, it stinks to be single during the holidays, when there is so  much attention on families. Turns out, Denver is one of the best cities in the country to live in if you are single.

Being single doesn't have to suck, but if it does, it may have something to do with where you live. While some people are single by choice and are happy about it, other singles are endlessly hoping to change their status.

According to Wallet Hub, Denver comes in at number 3 on the list of top 10 U.S. cities for singles. Wallet Hub ranked the country's 150 largest cities based on 25 different factors including the percentage of singles,  the number of nightlife opportunities, and mobile dating opportunities.

Here's the top 10 cities for singles:
1)Boise, ID
2)Madison, WI
3)Denver, CO
4)Austin, TX
5)Lincoln, NE
6)Omaha, NE
7)Salt Lake City, UT
8)Reno, NV
9)Minneapolis, MN
10)Raleigh, NC

Here's a look at the worst cities for singles:
141)Mobile, AL
142)Glendale, CA
143)Philadelphia, PA
144)New York, NY
145)Jersey City, NJ
146)Peoria, AZ
147)Brownsville, TX
148)North Las Vegas, NV
149)Hialeah, FL
150)Yonkers, NY

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