The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders have come a long ways since their beginnings back in the early 1970s.

The first adult cheerleaders for the Denver Broncos were the Bronco Belles, debuting in 1971. They became the Pony Express in 1977, but disbanded after two of the girls posed for Playboy. The Broncos Cheerleaders returned to the field in 1993, and have been entertaining Broncos fans on the sidelines ever since then.

Clearly, a lot has changed for the Broncos cheerleaders as you can tell from the pictures. We have Heather, a member of the Pony Express, and, a shot of the ladies from the current squad.

The look of the cheerleaders may have changed in 40 years, but the mission has remained the same - cheer the Broncos on to victory and a Super Bowl Championship!

Heather O'Connell
Getty Images