Early Wednesday morning DEA agents worked their way through the woods to surround a home in Southern Illinois. They where acting on a tip that a meth-making operation was going on at the home. Officers found several five-gallon buckets on the property under trees and moved in.
Imagine the surprise of 49-year-old Laura Benson, when she was awoke to the sound of a helicopter and found several DEA agents surrounding her home. She went outside to ask what the matter was and the lead agent told her they where acting on a drug tip as he pointed out the many buckets near some trees.
This is where I would have started laughing and asked if they had looked in any of the buckets to see what was in them.

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Benson had the buckets out to collect sap for the family’s maple syrup production. After giving the agents a full tour she gave all of them bottles of the homemade syrup to take home.
Benson was a good sport about the misunderstanding and thanked her neighbors for being alert. Though one does have to ask, “what was the cost of operation pancake”?