A 23-year-old Ohio man is in jail for allowing his nine-year-old daughter to drive the family car. Jaron McGee was riding shotgun in his 1998 Honda, while he let his daughter cruise around Headlands State Park Sunday night. As expected the young girl achieved excessive speed, lost control of the Honda and drove right into a tree. Both escaped the accident with out injuries but dad had to go to jail.

Before deputies arrived, the girl was driven from the scene of the accident by family members, Jaron McGee is charged with a pair of misdemeanor counts of child endangerment but that’s not all. It turns out the McGee has outstanding felony and misdemeanor warrants in other jurisdictions. My question is how did she see over the dashboard or reach the pedals? She is only nine how big could she be? This is one of those occasions in which I think caning should be used.