Major Mortgage Country Jam, the Four Hottest Day of Summer. There is a reason for the moniker. Country Jam is a great show with the most incredible crowds Colorado has to offer. It is also a four-day event in the middle of high desert, complete with a scorching sun and 100 degree temperatures. Don't let your skin meet the same fate as Dakota Rae's chest!

Dakota Rae, the lovely Major Mortgage Country Jam fan whose chest is pictured above, lives and breathes all things Country Jam. Unfortunately, last year, she packed everything but sunscreen. There is no need to be without at the Jam. Air-conditioning, water, and yes, even sunscreen, is available at the KEKB tent, courtesy of St. Mary's Cancer Prevention Center.

The following is a video describing effective ways to prevent sunburn. It is also fun to watch because the girl narrating and demonstrating the technique is hot.

According to Discovery Fit and Health, unprotected skin can burn in a matter of minutes.Of course, we fully understand if you have a particular brand and SPF you like to use. However, if you find yourself in short supply or going without, please don't hesitate to visit the KEKB tent for complimentary sunscreen.