The Costa Rican national football team has asked FIFA for a redo against the U.S. national team in their 2014 World Cup qualifying match. Friday Costa Rica took on the U.S. in Colorado in a qualifying match for the up coming World Cup tournament in Brazil. The match took place in a driving snowstorm and according to the Costa Rican complaint the weather affected the physical integrity of the game.

The Costa Rican Federation is unhappy the lines and markings on the pitch were invisible at times during the game and the snow impeded the movement of the ball. They are also calling for the match official’s to be punished for letting the game be played in such conditions, even though the American’s played on the same field.



In the first half Clint Dempsey was able to find the back of the net for a goal as the U.S. won 1-0. It was the first win for the U.S. in the qualifying campaign.