I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I’m a football fan. I love the game, at all levels. Now, I know at all levels there will be blown calls. It’s part of the human aspect of the game. We see this on Friday Nights, Saturday Afternoons and on Sundays, but when it comes to the NFL we expect a little high level from the men in the striped shirts.

I carry the NFL Sunday Ticket, so I watch a lot of football. I will use the Rams-Redskins game as an example here. On Sunday there were three calls the made me go “What the Hell is going on here”.

1st QT—Rams have the ball in a 3rd and 2. Bradford passes to the left side of the field, D.Richardson pushed ob at SL 47 for 1 yard. Now, Richardson really got 2 ½ yards on the play but the Ref had a very poor spot of the ball. He was standing right at the play when it happened so instead of 1st and 10 the Rams punted.

1st QT--3rd and 18 at WSH 24. R.Griffin scrambles right end pushed ob at WAS 34 for 10 yards (E.Sims). PENALTY on SL-E.Sims, Personal Foul, 15 yards, enforced at WAS 34. This is one of those plays went a QB is running out of bounds and is hit right at the sideline and falls down. The flag came in late and from the other side of the field. I know they have to protect the players but we have seen this happen many times with no call. It kept the drive alive for the Redskins.

1st QT same drive--3rd and 3 at STL 11--R.Griffin pass incomplete short middle to L.Hankerson. PENALTY on SL-R.Quinn, Personal Foul, 6 yards, enforced at SL 11. Now, this penalty on Quinn was so bad that FOX couldn’t find a re-play to show. It lead to a first and goal instead of a FG try. The Redskins did score a TD on the next play.

I get it, things happen, there are bad calls and the Rams did win the game. But, it looked to me like many of the Ref’s where not sure about the calls. I saw more than a couple of flags thrown and then picked up over the weekend. Plus, on more than one occasion I saw players talking to Ref’s when they where huddled up about a call (You never see that with the real Ref’s). I just want the NFL to take care of this and get the real Ref’s back so at the end of the season there are not a couple of teams on the outside of the Playoff’s do to some bad refereeing in the first part of the season. I don’t expect the Rams to make the Playoff’s but what it’s your team that gets hosed?