Colorado has passed a bill that will regulate powdered alcohol like any other beer, wine or spirits, but the question is why do we need powdered alcohol?

Palcohol is a powder that you can add water to and make shots of vodka or rum. Think of it as powdered milk you just add water, mix and bang you have milk. The only thing is I don't remember powdered milk tasting too good.

The company that came up with this says it will be great for long hikes, long flights or to use as an antiseptic in remote locations.

Now I don't know about you but I always pack a bottle of rum on a hike. There is nothing like walking in the hot sun quenching your thirst with rum right?

I could see using this on a flight from liquor markup is ridiculous but how long before the airlines ban its use? It will only take one or two unruly drunks to make that happen.

Using this as an antiseptic is a bit of a reach to me. If you are going camping or hiking in a remote place take a first aid kit with you. They don't cost much and can easily be packed where you want to go.

Some states have already banned the sale of this product for the same reasons I think this is a dumb idea.

This is a powder that comes in small packets about the size of a sugar packet. That could be taken to any public place by any aged person.

So you go to the night club and order water all night and get drunk as hell on your powdered alcohol. That isn't fair to the club which depends on liquor sales to pay the bills.

How in the world would you keep out of the hands of the under aged? I know most of you were good kids and didn't drink, but I wasn't an angel and could get my hands on booze pretty much anytime.

The under 21 clubs would have really no way to keep it out of their places. It is just too easy to carry with them and add to a bottle or glass of water then they have to deal with drunk kids.

No, I think we should keep our booze in bottles and sell in liquor stores. I don't see why we need powdered alcohol and besides before too long some jackass will snort and it will kill them or cause some sort of brain damage.