The state of Colorado is making waves again with a newly proposed law that would allow teenagers 18 years of age and older to drink in restaurants and bars with parental supervision. Looks like focus may change from marijuana to alcohol.

Colorado Republican Senator Greg Brophy of Wray, Colo. has plans to propose a new law that will allow teens 18-years-old to partake in alcoholic beverages as long as their parents are present -- this shouldn't sound like a truly outrageous idea, European countries have been allowing this for years.

Brophy told ABC News that the reason behind choosing 18 as the age he stated:

"As a society we have arbitrarily chosen that age to convey upon people most of the rights and responsibilities of adulthood."

He goes on to say that at 18 your allowed to vote, enter binding contracts and to serve the country -- so of us may remember the days when 18 was the legal drinking age.

Currently Colorado's alcohol laws are pretty permissive allowing the under-aged drinkers to consume alcohol on private, non-alcohol selling locations with parental surpervision for education purposes.

Brody's proposed law would require parents to provide their ID along with their child's idnetification, but the server would ultimately have the say whether the underage person would be allowed to drink.

What are your thoughts on this? Would this help educate children on the responsible use of alcohol?

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