The battle to allow wine and beer sales in Colorado supermarkets could come down to voters in 2016. I, for one hope they take all liquor sales out of supermarkets.

This has been an ongoing debate in Colorado whether to let chain supermarkets sell wine and beer but do they really need these sales?

The liquor store is general a mom and pop operation that is a good part of our local economy. They employ local people and are a good core business in any area plus, they offer a better variety to choose from.

The big chain supermarkets will carry the same old national brands while leaving Colorado craft beers and wines out. I have nothing against the national brands but I also enjoy our local beers and wines.

I don't think Walmart would carry them because they buy in bulk and wouldn't take the time to stock local products from each area they are in. That just isn't cost effective for the big chains.

I just think that letting the big chains sell beer and wine would hurt our local liquor stores and our local economy.