Bird watching takes on an entirely new dimension this weekend at  the High Plains Snow Goose Festival in Lamar. Hundreds of bird species migrate through eastern Colorado each year,  but it is the migration of snow geese that is by far the most dramatic. Flocks numbering in the tens of thousands make for a spectacular sight.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Lamar Chamber of Commerce have joined forces to celebrate the snow goose migrations with the 11th annual festival. It's a four-day event kicking off Thursday evening and continuing through Sunday.

John Koshak, a watchable wildlife coordinator with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife says, "The snow goose festival is a celebration of an incredible array of wildlife viewing with music, field trips, educational booths, lectures, historical tours, arts and crafts, and a variety of family activities."


Early morning and evening bus tours will take festival goers to view the approximately 25,000 snow geese, hundreds of raptors including bald eagles, and other wildlife wintering in Colorado. "The main attraction," Koshak says, "is the snow geese."

For more information about the snow goose festival you can contact the Lamar Chamber of Commerce at 719-336- 4370, or visit the  snow goose website for pricing and reservation information.

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