As if this Colorado Rockies season wasn't going bad enough between the owner being a jerk to fans and the team struggling on the field once again, now the team's superstar player, Troy Tulowitzki, is done for the year as he will have surgery on his left hip Friday (August 14) in Vail.

Tulowitzki tore his labrum in his hip during the team's 5-3 loss to the San Diego Padres on Wednesday (August 13).

"Tulo" has been known for his chronic injury problems, and most notably his leg issues that date back to 2008, when he tore his left quadriceps tendon.

Speculation says that Tulo may want out of Colorado if the Rockies can't put a competitive team on the field, and history shows that probably isn't happening anytime soon. So, could we have seen the last of Tulo in purple and black? Quite possibly!

By the way, the Rockies second best player, Outfielder Carlos Gonzalez, will also likely miss the rest of the season,The Denver Post reported Wednesday night. Gonzalez has been dealing with left knee tendinitis.