If you get pulled over and a cop thinks that you are drunk you may know that they will make you get out of the car and walk a straight line, maybe say the ABC's, and look at your pupils. But what happens if a cop pulls you over and thinks that you are stoned on marijuana? Turns out, pretty much the same thing! 

To me, it would make more sense if the cop dangled some Cheetos in front of you to see if you could resist, or maybe time you saying the ABC's giving you only so much time before you are too slow and declared high.

But Colorado law enforcement decided to ditch the stopwatches and Cheetos for a more conventional way of determining if you are high driving. The field tests that Colorado officers are to use if they suspect you are high include the following:

• Walk and turn

• One-leg stand

• Finger to nose

• Appearance of eyes (red or watery)

• Pupil size

• How eyes track a moving object

• Romberg test — maintaining balance with eyes closed

• Estimation of 30 seconds

I feel like all of that is very possible while you are stoned. I can see a video game coming out with exercises to help you practice these things while hitting a bong... I want royalties when this happens, Playstation!