If you tell someone who is not from Colorado that you are from Colorado 95% of them will either ask you if you ski or smoke pot. Although not all of us do either, there are a select few that do both! One of these folks just might happen to be an Olympic skier. 

19-year-old skier Lyman Currier hails from none other than the stoner capital of the world, Boulder, Colorado. Unfortunately for Lyman, his trip to Sochi didn't go the way he had hoped. Tuesday on the half-pipe he took a nasty fall and was in very obvious pain. But on one of his runs down the Russian mountain he scored 4.20, and like anyone else from Boulder who hears that magical combination of numbers, he got rather excited! Now, with a busted up knee, he might be celebrating 4:20 a lot more in the coming days and weeks!

Credit: NBC