There has been much talk about changing the Colorado National Monument into a national park. Something which could increase awareness about this beautiful piece of Colorado in the backyard of Grand Valley residents.

Colorado Senator Mark Udall has basically said it's up to the people to show that this change is something that we really want. As well as showing measurable support for the change in status.

Now the major supporters are not only turning to local officials, organizations and petitions, but also social media. The decision to pursue a change to national park outside of chatter on the Western Slope will be made by Mark Udall and House Representative Scott Tipton in the summer of 2013.

House Representative Scott Tipton's district includes the Colorado National Monument. Efforts and studies done over the last few years related to a possible change haven't swayed a decision one way or another.

An easy way to take part in the process to share your opinion is to befriend the Colorado National Monument Association, The Colorado National Monument on Facebook. As always course contact your representatives like the Mesa County Commissioners, Mark Udall, Scott Tipton, Coloradan Ken Salazar at the Department of the Interior, the U.S. Parks Service and The White House.

What do you think about the proposed change?