If you are one of those people that likes to go to the bar, find a hot significant other, take them home and do things with them that could cause you to have things crawling around your crotch, I suggest you listen up. 

Once again a smart dude is putting his skills to good use. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention puts together STD facts from each state each year, and this year Fox News took that info and put together a little guide to what states have the most common occurrences of STDs.

The state with the lowest score is the “best state” for STDs, and the state with the highest is the “worst state” for STDs.

Colorado is ranked 29th, which tells me there are 28 states you have a better chance at getting an STD by being promiscuous, and 21 states you may feel a little safer in if that's how you choose to live your life.

Whatever. Here are the top ten best places to get creepy-crawlers, and the ten best places to avoid them...

Best States for STDs (Least amount of people with them)

1. West Virginia
 (48th for chlamydia, 41st for gonorrhea, 49th for syphilis)
2. Maine
 (49th for chlamydia, 44th for gonorrhea, 43rd for syphilis)
3. Vermont
 (46th for chlamydia, 46th for gonorrhea, 44th for syphilis)
4. Utah 
(47th for chlamydia, 45th for gonorrhea, 42nd for syphilis)
5. Wyoming
 (37th for chlamydia, 50th for gonorrhea, 46th for syphilis)
6. Montana
 (35th for chlamydia, 48th for gonorrhea, 50th for syphilis)
7. Idaho 
(45th for chlamydia, 49th for gonorrhea, 38th for syphilis)
8. New Hampshire
 (50th for chlamydia, 47th for gonorrhea, 30th for syphilis)
9. Nebraska 
(38th for chlamydia, 32nd for gonorrhea, 48th for syphilis)
10. Minnesota
 (43rd for chlamydia, 36th for gonorrhea, 34th for syphilis)

Worst States for STDs (Most people with them)

10. North Carolina 
(10th for chlamydia, 6th for gonorrhea, 24th for syphilis)
9. New York
 (11th for chlamydia, 16th for gonorrhea, 7th for syphilis)
8. Texas 
(13th for chlamydia, 13th for gonorrhea, 6th for syphilis)
7. Illinois 
(9th for chlamydia, 10th for gonorrhea, 8th for syphilis)
6. Arkansas
 (7th for chlamydia, 7th for gonorrhea, 9th for syphilis)
5. South Carolina
 (5th for chlamydia, 4th for gonorrhea, 13th for syphilis)
4. Alabama
 (3rd for chlamydia, 3rd for gonorrhea, 15th for syphilis)
3. Georgia 
(8th for chlamydia, 5th for gonorrhea, 1st for syphilis)
2. Mississippi
 (1st for chlamydia, 1st for gonorrhea, 11th for syphilis)
1. Louisiana 
(4th for chlamydia, 2nd for gonorrhea, 3rd for syphilis)

See all 50 states here.