The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has issued a warning to remain vigilant of West Nile virus. The area being impacted the most is not the Front Range, it's the Western Slope. More than half of the reported West Nile virus cases have been in Western Colorado.

Last year in Colorado there were a total of seven confirmed cases as of December 31, 2011. Currently (September 13, 2012) there are 52 confirmed cases in the state. An increase of 19 cases in a week. last week there were 33. A majority of the cases, 29 have come from Delta, Mesa and Montrose counties. Two people died recently in Montrose County due to West Nile virus.

Mosquitos transmit West Nile virus to humans and the state urges you not to let your guard down just because of the cooler weather. The Mesa County Health Department says 20 positive mosquito samples have been collected recently between Palisade and Mack.

On the November 2012 ballot the measure to expand the Grand Valley Mosquito District is up for vote. Mosquitos also carry Heartworms which can be deadly to dogs if they are not on a prevention plan.