As we quickly approach Election Day on November 6, 2012 OVER 300 Colorado doctors are publicly supporting Amendment 64, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol amendment. Over two dozen Western Slope doctors have joined in voicing their support.Colorado doctors say they say many alcohol related injuries, but seldom injuries associated with marijuana use. Former director at the University of Colorado Science of Medicine Bruce Madison says,

"As physicians we have a professional obligation to do no harm, but the truth is the Colorado marijuana laws do just that by wasting hundreds of millions of dollars in a failed was on marijuana. By ruining thousands of lives by unnecessary arrest and incarceration, and by causing the deaths of hundreds of people killed in black market criminal activities."

Last week some Republicans came out in favor of the amendment including former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo. He questioned why all 'limited government' and 'personal responsibility' minded Republicans aren't backing the legislation. Tancredo said it is possible to disagree with marijuana use, but agree it shouldn't be criminal. Just like alcohol.

The poll by the University of Denver after last week's presidential debate showed that 50% of Coloradans polled support the measure with 10% unsure.