Now credit card users have something else to worry about, as it appears self- checkout lines are being targeted by credit card scammers in Colorado and other states.

In the last couple of years, local authorities have seen credit card skimmers show up at Grand Junction gas stations, putting local owners and law enforcement on alert for possible fraudulent activity.

Now, those skimmers are showing up in the check out line at the grocery store- specifically at the self -checkout terminals.

I love using the self-checkout lines at the grocery store when I have just a few items because it helps me get out of the store and on with my day as quickly as possible. But, suddenly, I'm not so sure that's a good idea

According to CBS News, skimmers were found at  Safeway stores in Colorado and California and Walmart stores in Virginia and Kentucky. The devices are placed over credit card readers and used to steal account numbers, PIN numbers, and make duplicate cards.

According to the CBS report, the chip-enabled cards which are starting to populate the market place are more secure and more difficult to swipe, but they are not invincible. Consumers are urged to use the new chip-reader whenever possible rather than swiping the magnetic strip.

We haven't heard of any skimmers in Grand Junction. Hopefully our local grocery stores are on high alert and taking the necessary steps to ensure our transactions are secure.

All of us should be monitoring our credit accounts closely and regularly to make sure that our private information is not being used fraudulently.