We all know that there are some pretty cold places in Colorado, but did you know that  the state boasts some of the coldest big cities in the country?

Blog.niche.com recently ranked the coldest cities in America, and not surprisingly, several of them are in Colorado.

For the ranking, they used the average lowest temperature during the winter months in cities of with populations of at least 50,000.

The coldest city in America is Grand Forks, North Dakota with an average low winter temperature of 6 above. Next was Fargo, North Dakota at 7.6 degrees, and Duluth, Minnesota at 8.1.

Pueblo makes the top 25  with an average low temperature of 17.8 degrees, while Fort Collins is at #26. Denver is ranked at #41 with an average winter low of 20 degrees. Colorado Springs and Greeley also cracked the top 50.

The fact is, if you live in Colorado you just know that winter will be cold. But, when you compare it to places like North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, it almost makes Colorado feel like a tropical get away.

Check out some of the results of the study.

1)Grand Forks, North Dakota   6.3
2)Fargo, North Dakota  7.6
3)Duluth, Minnesota  8.1
4) Bismarck, North Dakota 8.9
5)Eau Claire, Wisconsin 11.9
6)Sioux Falls, South Dakota 12.8
7)Rochester, Minnesota 14.2
8)Minneapolis, Minnesota 14.2
9)Green Bay, Wisconsin   14.6
10)Appleton, Wisconsin  15.1
24) Pueblo, Colorado    17.8
26)Fort Collins, Colorado  18.5
41)Denver, Colorado  20.0
43)Colorado Springs, Colorado   20.2
44)Greeley, Colorado  20.2