Right now Colorado law allows you to stay at the bar until 2 a.m., so when the bartender cuts you off it isn't because they want to, it's because they have to. But soon if a bartender cuts you off in Colorado at 2, it might be because you've just had too much to drink. 

State Representative Crisanta Duran is sponsoring a bill that would give cities the option of setting the operating hours for bars in city limits allowing them to serve booze up until 7 a.m. Liquor stores, however, would still have to close at midnight.

Duran told The Denver Post the bill is intended to keep patrons from all leaving bars at the same time, which has led to fights and even shootings in the past. That is all good and fine, but to me and most other bar-goers and bar owners, it means more time to drink and serve 'em up!

But before you get too excited, I must tell you that if House Bill 1132 were to pass, we still may have to go home by 2 or maybe even earlier. It would up to local jurisdictions who would have the authority to reset hours alcohol can be sold by bars and restaurants, and that could mean some cities might prohibit bars from selling alcohol at certain times, even well before the 2 a.m. law currently in place.