I've lived in Colorado for a few months and it seems that everyone I meet asks me where I'm from. I don't look different or dress funny, I guess it's what comes out of my mouth. Do I have an accent? Or do you Coloradans have an accent?

While out for an after-work drink with a friend, we go on the subject of the way Coloradans say Colorado -- did this open a can of worms.

So I started to look into this and stumbled on a site that explains "how to talk like a native Coloradan," this is spot on -- for me at least.

I have seen different arguments on how Coloradans truly say Colorado, with those arguments aside and using my ears, here is how I hear it -- call-uh-RAD-o. If I were to say it, you may here, colll-oh-reah-do -- not too much different, just those pesky short consonants.

I should have learned to keep my mouth shut, we started talking about family and I said, "mom" or "mahm," as it comes out of my mouth. I know us Michigan folk tend to draw out their soft consonants while adding a nasally 'e' sound.

Think that's bad, we also drop our hard consonants, like t's at the end of words -- Detroit becomes DEE-troi, no "t" at the end.

Speaking of "t's," if they are in the middle of words they become "d's," water is WAH-der, little is liddle.

We also tend to blend our words together -- we're lazy -- so if I was going to go the Secretary of State, it would sound like Secretairah State.

You say "potay-toe," I say poe-tah-toe"! So I ask you people of Colorado, who has the accent?