Born in Barcelona, Cristina Ochoa is an actress, scientist, author, and smartypants.

Christina comes from good stock: her great uncle is Nobel Prize winner Severo Ochoa, and her father is spanish sculptor Victor Ochoa. She grew up surrounded by science and the arts, and it shows.

Christina studied Oceanographic Engineering at Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands (off the coast of Africa, for the dummies). After that, she studied Advanced Marine Biology Studies at Australia's James Cook University, where she studied Elasmobranchii (sharks and rays, for everyone who isn't a super-nerd). She's consistently pursued her passion for science and art simultaneously, and is currently balancing an acting career with her pursuit of a physics degree. She's also in MENSA, and admits that she joined for the ego boost, which is really endearing.

Her acting career began as a hobby, when she began acting in plays at the Little Theatre of Alexandria, outside of Washington D.C. Once she realized she loved the stage, moved to Madrid to pursue it professionally. She says that the first time she got on stage there was a void inside of her that she did not know was empty, which was suddenly filled. We feel that way about Call of Duty, so we relate.

You may have seen Christina on 'I Hate My Teenage Daughter,' or 'Modern Family;' you probably haven't seen her on the Spanish TV show 'La Que Se Avecina,' unless you live in Spain. If you live in spain, bienvendos! (Welcome, for the Americans who took French in High School.) She was also in a movie called 'Cats Dancing on Jupiter,' which we've never seen, but now really want to, because, what?

In 2011 Ochoa started her own production company, called QE (Quantum Entanglement), and produced the short film 'Stay with Me,' which has won several film festival awards. She writes for Spanish Vogue, and several other publications in Spain.

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