Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Natasha Kizmet can usually be found around the internet posing for bikini calendars and video blogging, after all, that is what models do. But this week the Uzbekistan native who now lives in Denver decided she wanted to be Peyton Manning. So, instead of trying to pick up football at this point in her life, she got naked, and got painted like the Broncos QB. 

Kizmet said on her website:

As a Denver resident, I have fallen in love with Peyton Manning! What an amazing quarterback and person! He is just the best! To honor him, I got with Denver’s great Body Painting artist, Alan Anderson (http://www.coloradoskinworks.com) to create this masterpiece! I took it all off to express myself in a very artistic way!

Although she took the time to make sure all the naughty stuff is covered with paint (and some of those parts probably took a lot of paint), the bosses tell that I get absolutely no nudity on this site. So, since I love my job, I am being safe, and if you want to see the picture you have to click here.

It looks great, but not to be too picky, she is missing those bright red marks on her forehead like Peyton has and the numbers do look a little off-center!!