Some NFL players don't belong in the sharpest knife drawer, and Lamarr Houston is apparently  one of those "dull knives" after suffering a season ending knee injury while celebrating his sack of New England's back-up quarterback.

In the first place, there was very little reason for celebration on the part of Houston with his Bears trailing New England 48-23 with a little more than three minutes to play in Sunday's game. Secondly, it was just a quarterback sack. There was nothing worthy of some extreme celebration. Getting sacks is what defensive lineman are supposed to do.

Houston got to Patriots' back up quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo for a sack and then striking a defiant pose, leaped into the air. When he came down, his knee buckled, and he fell to the ground. An MRI today confirmed a torn ACL, which will sideline the Bear's defensive lineman for the rest of the season.

It's the second time this season a defensive player has suffered a season-ending injury while celebrating his "great" play.

When will these guys ever learn.