In 1998 MTV unveiled ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ a Claymation TV show that pit celebrities against each other in a gruesome battle to the end. The show had a great four-year run producing some 75-episondes of decapitations, impalement and hilarious injuries.

The show originally started on MTV’s ‘Cartoon Sushi’ and was an instant big hit. MTV had a halftime special for Super Bowl XXXII and in just three short months it became part of the main lineup. The show was so popular that the creator Eric Fogel was named one of the most creative people in TV.

I loved the show and wish MTV or some entity would bring it back. With a new crop of celebrities that are famous for no real reason there could be another great run for ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’. Just think about seeing Justin Bieber in a Deathmatch with Justin Timberlake.