A couple vacationing in Grand Junction from Europe returned from a 12-hour hike yesterday, to find their rental car window smashed and all their belongings were stolen!

Heather Benjamin from the Mesa County Sheriff's Office contacted me last night to let me know about this horrible situation.

Apparently the only possessions they have left are literally what they had in the backpack and on their backs.

The Victim Advocate agency got them a hotel room and was working on getting them a replacement rental car, but we need to find them some stuff to get them through their vacation!

Let's show them what Grand Junction hospitality is all about and let's give a frustrating and maddening, situation a silver lining!

You can make donations at the Sheriff's Office today! Items to keep in mind:

The couple is in their 50s and wear size medium.

  • luggage
  • clothing
  • shoes
  • basic hygiene items
  • cash

You can drop your donations off at the Mesa County Sheriff's Office!