There have been an abnormal amount of poop related products that have come on the market lately. And maybe it's because I have the brain capacity of a middle schooler, I still laugh at every one of them and cant help but (haha, I just said butt) wonder if they are real. It seems as though the latest poop-made-easier invention is indeed real... Behold Sh**tens

Sh**tens are basically disposable moist wipes that are in the form of mittens to protect your hands from getting crap on them while wiping yourself or any other poopy ass you may come in contact with.

The reason I know these bad boys are real... They are even FDA-approved!

A box of 20 will set you back $9.95, so that's about 50 cents a sh**, because I would recommend you not reuse them... Pricey, but think about how much it means to you to not get "caught brown-handed" as the guy will sing to you in the commercial below!