Illegal Pete's is a small burrito chain restaurant on Colorado's front range, planning to open a 7th store in Ft. Collins this month. But, a group of people is calling on the chain to drop the word "illegal" from its name.

According to the Coloradoan, owner Peter Turner recently met with a group of people who want the chain to change it's name because they find it offensive.

Turner told the crowd the name 'Illegal Pete's' came from a novel he read, and the 'Pete' refers to him and his father.

Those in attendance felt the name is racist in nature, and offensive to Hispanics and  immigrants in the U.S. However, one of the chain's general manager's came from El Salvador -- and 20 years ago was undocumented. He told the Coloradoan he never thought of the name as being a problem. He says people come to the restaurant because they love the food, and  the name doesn't mean anything.

Yes, times have changed and we live in an era of political correctness. But, where does it end? Are we as a society becoming overly sensitive and simply looking for the slightest hint of racism in every shadow behind every tree? Are we so paranoid that things that were never intended as racial slurs, or derogatory slams are automatically and instantly labeled as such, without consideration of the intent or context?

Sometimes it just  feels like we are on a witch hunt for racism --and while we still battle it in this country, there are times when we think we see it, but it's really not there. This might be one of those instances.