Making "friends" at a bar is pretty easy after pounding back a few cold ones, Budweiser wants to take that a step farther with their new Buddy Cup. Just a quick "cheers" and you're instantly Facebook friends. How could this not be a good idea?

Here's how! You're out drinking and you get yourself one of these Buddy Cups -- only if you live in Brazil -- and scan the QR code on the bottom of the cup. This instantly links your cup to your Facebook. Pretty nifty idea, but not quite thought through.

Facebook is losing users by the millions on a monthly basis, mostly in the US and UK. In Brazil however, users are climbing, so we can see how this might work.

Another thing to think of, as soon as this cup is linked to your Facebook profile, anyone you 'clink' glasses with now has access to your profile -- think of all the trolls who would just tap your glass for the hell of it.

Here's what would go down, you'd wake up in the morning with hundreds of new friends, derogatory comments, or possibly worse.

No thanks, while we're out drinking, we'll meet these crazy drunks, have a few laughs, and maybe see them the next time we're out. No need to bring our digital lives into this.