This Denver Broncos fan throws an epic tantrum ripping Peyton Manning for their loss on Sunday. While most of Bronco nation was struck speechless by Denver’s play at the Super Bowl this fan not only found her voice but also used it the only way she knew how.

I have to say I understand the pain that Bronco nation is feeling. Back in 2001 the St. Louis Rams ‘The Greatest Show on Turf” went to the Super Bowl to play the New England Patriots. The Rams went into that game as the highest scoring team in the history of the NFL and were big favorites to win it all.

The Rams lost that game in the final minute by a field goal to a bunch of no name’s lead by some kid named Tom Brady. So, I know how you feel. I was sure the Rams would win the game going away. I even said that the half-time score would be Rams 35 the Patriots 7. Yeah that was not even close just like Sunday’s Super Bowl.

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