There are three reasons that I am considered the lamest of all of my friends for hardly ever drinking... Reason number one, I no longer wanted to go home with chicks that outweighed me by 150 pounds. Reason two, drinking was causing me to catch up to said chicks weight in a hurry. And reason three, I feel like absolute dog sh** for the next three days. No answer for the first two, but there may soon be an answer for number three. 

British neuro-psychopharmacologist David Nutt claims to have the possible solution to whip up these magical drinks. Apparently all the bad effects like killing brain cells, damage to the liver and overall alcoholism still exist, but you’re able to go out and have a bender without the worries of making physical love to your toilet and the bathroom floor... The fat chick is not included in that making love statement...

Though Nutt's extensive past work with the class of drugs known as benzodiazepines (found in prescription doses in drugs like Valium and Xanax) makes us worry that no hangovers could also mean no ability to stand up after drinking.

With funding for his safer alcohol project not immediately forthcoming from government or alcohol-industry sources, Nutt has taken his pitch for investors to the public.

So now, in my mind, the race is on. Which will become reality first: a flying car or hangover-free margaritas?