So the Broncos won. Good thing for Denver linebacker Danny Trevathan who from this day forward will be known for "the touchdown  that wasn't." With the Broncos leading the Baltimore Ravens 42-17 early in the 4th quarter Thursday night,  you may have been one of those who felt compelled to chalk it up as a win and hop in the sack. Thanks to Trevathan, things got real interesting real fast.

The Ravens were  facing a 4th and 1 from their own 29  yard line, and trailing by 15 early in the fourth quarter when Trevathan stepped in front of  a Joe Flacco pass and returned it for an apparent Denver touchdown. Unfortunately, Trevathan committed the unpardonable sin of celebrating a score  before crossing the goal line. Trevathan, somehow thinking he was in the end zone,  dropped the ball purposely - at the one yard line. The Ravens recovered and  proceeded to march down the field, scored a touchdown and made it a three possession game 42-24 instead of the score being 49-17 and the game being safely tucked away. Fortunately for Trevathan and the Broncos, the boneheaded play didn't cost them the game.

Trevathan got an earful from Bronco's defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, but Danny isn't the only NFL player to commit such a faux pas. Early touchdown celebrations have robbed more than one team of six points. We can't say he's in good company, but he certainly does have company.