Screenshot taken of on 08/15/12

Many thought something was shady about the guy and now it's come out that New Mexico Police are now looking for him. Bobby Willis is now a wanted man.

Last year tried to compete with Country Jam with his own festival called 'Bobby's Birthday Bash'. That never ended up happening despite the fight he attempted to put up with Mesa County and residents near the proposed venue site.
Bobby Willis is now wanted for fraud and there is a warrant out for his arrest.

New Mexico Police claim that Bobby Willis grifted people out of millions of dollars in a scam construction project that never happened. He is wanted by police for racketeering, five counts of embezzlement,  fraud and securities fraud. Bring on the RICO laws! He allegedly stole cash from an escrow account that at one time held one-and-a-half-million-dollars. He was also taking in millions from people who thought they were investing in classic cars and jewelry. One can only suspect that's where the money for his Broncos executive suite came from.

Police in New Mexico recently popped in on he and his wife on a wellness check at their home and found three large safes in their basement and an arsenal of what they called 'strategically' placed weapons. Now police would like to find him and talk with him.

The warrant for Bobby Willis carries a one-million-dollar bond. Mow the search is on for the guy who seemed shady to begin with, apparently took millions in other people's money and wasted the Grand Valley's time last year.