George Frey, Getty Images

Saturday morning hundreds came out to protest the land closure proposed by the BLM and if you didn't make it to the event there is still time to have your voice heard. The Resource Management Plan will close some 850 miles on the Western Slope.

The BLM says the 852 mile shut down is to get rid of redundant trails and also those that threaten endangered plants and species and contribute to erosion. The plan will keep some 2,300 open to motorized vehicles, but some people are still frustrated.

Some feel the plan will impact the elderly and the handicapped as it limits their access to public lands in the area.

If you couldn't make it out to the protest on Saturday there is still time for your voice to be heard. You can write the BLM at the address below, but they must be postmarked by May 11.

Regular Mail:

Director (21 0)
Attn: Protest Coordinator
P.O. Box 71383
Washington, DC 20024-1383

Overnight Mail:
Director (21 0)
Attn: Protest Coordinator
20M Street SE, Room 2134LM
Washington, DC 20003