It's weird how growing up being a nerd was the last thing you wanted to be. You were shoved in lockers, bullies stole your milk money, and the whole class knew you were the only one who got a 100% on the test and ruined the grading curve. Now that "The Big Bang Theory" has become so popular, being a nerd isn't all that bad.

The show premiered in 2007 and is still running strong six years later. The show has won 13 awards over the last six years from the 25th TCA Awards, The American Film Institute, 2nd EWwy Awards, The Peoples Choice Awards, Golden Globes and many others.

I believe that I'm not the only one that might have a secret crush (not so secret anymore) on some of the cast members from The Big Bang Theory. I would like to know which girl from the cast of The Big Bang Theory you believe is hottest?

Penny - Kaley Cuoco

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This is the ideal pick for most of us. Penny is hot, built like a woman and has a little bit of an attitude. Penny in the show has been dating numerous douche-bags until she started dating Leonard, one of the nerds on the show. They have been off and on throughout the last few seasons. She is an aspiring actor and is still looking for her first gig.

Amy Fowler - Mayim Bialik

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Amy Farrah Fowler is one of the nerds on the show. She was set up by Howard and Raj to start dating Sheldon. Sheldon says that she is a "friend that is a girl, but not his girlfriend." Fowler definitly has the sexy-nerd look to her. All men have fantasized about their teacher at one point or another and I think Fowler falls into this category.

Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz - Melissa Rauch

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Bernadette is my personal favorite. Not only is she a sexy blonde but she also has that innocent Catholic-girl personality. Even though we have seen her get a little down and dirty like some Catholic girls do, I still see her as an innocent little nerd.

Luci - Kate Micuuci

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The newest female to the cast of The Big Bang Theory is Lucy, she is now the girlfriend of Raj. Which is weird because Raj can't talked to any females, besides his family, unless he is drunk. On their first date Raj and Lucy have a texting date at the library. She is hot in her own way. She has the uniqueness about her, like a rock star of some sort. Ironically enough, she is a rock star of some sort, she plays in the band 'Playin with Micuuci.'