Heading to Utah? Beware of the stoned rabbits that have lost their fear of man.

Our neighbors to the west have a medical marijuana bill they are debating and last week an actual DEA agent testified before the State Senate about high wildlife.

I have heard some really stupid stuff, but this takes the cake.

For decades, we have heard how Marijuana will send our youth into madness and destroy our country. This just isn't true and we know it.

Look at how the anti-marijuana campaigns portrayed what would happen if Colorado passed 64, they made it sound like everyone would be stoned in the streets, crime would rise and the kids what would become of the kids?

Well, none of that has happened.

The fact is Colorado has see a drop in crime and the tax dollars have been better than what was predicted. So much, so that some of the states that border Colorado are wanting to sue the state because they had to increase police patrols.

Why? Because people in their states are coming here to buy their weed and some smuggle it back home. What a waste of time and money.

The fact is the government doesn't have an argument anymore. The war on drugs has been a huge failure and a waste of tax dollars.

That is why I'm glad to see Rep. Jared Polis introduce a bill that would legalize Marijuana for the whole country. It would be controlled and taxed like alcohol.

I know there will be some that see this as just another step down the path to the ruin of America but get real. People who smoke Marijuana are no different than those who drink or smoke cigarettes except they go to jail for using it.

It doesn't make any sense to keep Marijuana on the black market, the only thing that does is line the pockets of dealers and drug lords. It's time to write or call our congressional leaders and take back the freedom to choose for ourselves.