I have to admit, upon hearing the story this morning, I only caught part of what was going on, and I actually did a double take. I honestly thought (at the time) that the story was actually a rumor.

When I heard the story a second time, I decided to check out the details myself.

As it turns out, Axel Foley is returning – but this time, it’s not the big screen he’s coming to. Axel Foley is making his arrival to the small screen (television, that is).

Sony Television is producing a TV pilot based on the “Beverly Hills Cop” franchise. The pilot is actually a continuation of the movies, and is centered on Foley’s police officer son, Aaron (played by Brandon T. Jackson). The premise has Aaron Foley taking down the criminal elements of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. The pilot will also star Kevin Pollak.

Eddie Murphy, who played Axel Foley in “Beverly Hills Cop”, is serving as a producer for the pilot. As it turns out, Murphy and Judge Reinhold (William “Billy” Rosewood) will reprise their roles in the TV pilot.

According to reports, if the pilot is successful, the series will air on CBS in the fall of 2013.