Benges Shoes in downtown Grand Junction opened in 1911 and is celebrating 103 years of fun on your feet. Find out why this store is so popular.

Benges at 514 Main Street is the oldest continuously operating shoe store in Colorado and carries a wide selection of brands and styles to fit every need and taste.

The store prides itself on personalized service for every customer and the best shoes and accessories at a great price.

Here are some of the reasons people shop at Benges and you reason to register for our 12 Days of Christmas contest to win a $200 Benges Shoes certificate .

  • The Latest Styles

    Check out this hot new style. The store keeps a great selection of shoes and is always changing to meet the needs and styles most loved by it's customers.


    Photo, Ed Chandler
  • Dansko

    Dansko, one of their most popular shoe lines is both stylish and comfortable and there's a style for everyone.

    Photo, Ed Chandler
  • Birkenstock

    Birkenstock is the shoe that is synonymous with ultimate comfort.

    Photo, Ed Chandler
  • Brighton

    Brighton purses, wallets and jewelry of the finest quality and very popular with the store's customers.

    Photo, Ed Chandler
  • Socks!

    An entire wall of socks for every want, need, mood or to make a great match an outfit, including the shoes.

    Photo, Ed Chandler
  • Boots

    Boots are popular all year long, but especially in colder weather. The selection is at it's best, and so are the prices.

    Photo, Ed Chandler