Colorado Proud's Follow Your Fruits and Veggie's Journey will visit Grand Junction at this week's downtown farmers market.

Everybody raves about the fresh produce this time of year, but, let's face it. Most of us know very little about what's really behind those fruits and vegetables we enjoy.

The Follow Your Fruits and Veggie's Journey is a month long, historical and interactive trek visiting communities across the state that takes consumers behind the scenes connecting farmers with consumers.

Colorado agriculture is one of the state's leading industries with some 36,000 farms providing 173,000 jobs and contributing some $40 billion annual to the state's economy. But, the fact is, we really don't know or understand the process, and, quite honestly, maybe we don't care. We just want to enjoy the "fruits" of our farmers' labor.

At this Thursday's farmers market in downtown Grand Junction, you can visit the Colorado Proud booth to gain some insight into the agricultural process. Maybe we can all gain a little appreciation for the entire farm-to-fork journey.

A series of GoPro videos will show a day in the life of a farmer, plus there will be educational information, produce samples, recipe cards, seed packets, and representatives of Colorado Proud will be on hand.

The farmers market runs from 5:30PM until 8:30PM during the summer on Main Street in downtown Grand Junction.