To those who want to do the 'Eric Sheppard Challenge,' there is something you should know before you do. While this action is covered under 'Freedom of Speech' I wonder do you understand who you are really disrespecting?

Hundreds of thousands of men and woman gave up their lives so that you can have the freedoms you enjoy. Those were people of all colors and all walks of life.

Because of that sacrifice you live in a country that offers you unlimited potential. This means you can become whatever you want to become.

You are not told where to live, where to work, who you can marry or what your place in society is. You get to dictate those things. Sure it takes work and effort on your behalf but if it was easy everyone would have it.

When you stomp or burn our flag your not disrespecting the government, the cops or even the men and woman in the military today. No, you are disrespecting those who made the ultimate sacrifice so you can enjoy that freedom.

While you may think you are making some social statement what you are really doing is displaying your ignorance of what the flag really means.

On a personal note if you are so unhappy living in the United States of America you also have the freedom to pack your bags and move to any place that you feel is better. By the way, I'm free on most weekends to help you pack.