I have walked by this bag a number of times the last couple of days and didn't really pay attention to what it was. Do you think you can guess what's in the bag?

So we have this big bag that no one seems to know what it is. It looks like a body bag or something. So I started to ask people what they thought it was.

Mack from our sister station KEKB thinks it's a zombie-apocalypse body bag. You know, like where you keep zombies that are really dead this time until you can bury them.

Kim our PSA Director director thinks that it's a bunch of roll banners for our stations.

Hollis our Sales assistant said its a huge banana, but then again she spent time in Haight-Ashbury in the 60s, so no telling what she sees.

I'm going with a movie prop from a 'Twilight' movie.Rem

Then there is Tim our digital dude. Please understand that these guys are cut from a different cloth. Tim says its Colorado's biggest joint, ok then!

So what do you think is in the bag?