1. Why should you have your vehicles serviced on a regular basis?
Answer: Whether you just plan to keep your vehicle for a couple of years, or a very long time... regular service extends the value and life expectancy of that vehicle. In fact, if you don't maintain it regularly, and a problem should arise...your warrantee will be void.

2. Do I need to prep my car for a change of seasons?
Answer: Absolutely...especially for the extreme temperatures of Winter and Summer. Batteries, and Cooling and Heating Systems are especially susceptible to those changes! Don't find yourself stuck somewhere!

3. Why is your Check Engine light on?
Answer: Truthfully, there could be a lot of reasons! It could be something as insignificant as the gas cap not being on tight, to something as major as a Cataletic Converter that is about to fail. Never ignore your Check Engine light.

4. My ABS Light is on. Am I going to lose my brakes?
Answer: Probably not...but get it checked! Several things can make your ABS Light go on, but your brakes won't fail, they will just go back to regular brakes. To keep your vehicle as safe as possible...get it checked.