Grand Junction's Audubon Trail is showing signs of a potential population explosion. Grand Junction hasn't seen anything like this since the energy boom. The number of mythical creature figurines inhabiting the trail is on the upswing. How are they getting there?

It would be nice to assume the area is rapidly turning into a magic forest. Unfortunately, logic suggests a more practical possibility - somebody is behind this.

It started out with a couple of gnomes in a tree stump just west of the wooden bridge about midway on the Audubon section. Before long, a fairy moved into the neighborhood. Now the gnomes are gone, and the fairy has taken over the hood.

If one didn't know any better, they might think this drastic population increase in ceramic figures was... organized. Perhaps a more accurate way to describe it would be "competitive." It seems as if for every figurine placed on the trail, someone else counters with another figurine. They're everywhere!

The little green blob hanging around with the gnomes looks a little like the "Slimer" from Ghostbusters. I suspect the owl has been placed in the hollowed-out tree for other reasons.

In any event, it's in fun, and it's starting to get a little whacky. What's next? If the situation gets any more out of hand, I may have to trump everybody with some Star Trek action figures.

To find the figurines, keep your eyes low as you walk the Audubon Trail starting out at the Albertson's on the Redlands. You'll encounter the frogs first, followed by the gnomes and fairy, and lastly the owl. Of course, there may be some I've missed. Drop in on these mythical creatures and see if you can find them all.