I am a die hard Denver Broncos fan, so maybe I am the wrong guy to talk to about anything football related because of my bias. But I just wanted to let you know that coming to Denver does mean you will be a little "higher" than normal. It's not cheating, it's just the facts, Jack. 

, a writer for the for the Topeka News already went on record earlier this month writing about an unfair advantage the Broncos had over his Chiefs in their first meeting by filling Sports Authority Field with marijuana smoke. Now Bynum still doesn't believe the Broncos could beat the Chiefs without the help of a little weed, so he has written about the Broncos spiking the Chiefs Gatorade with a little pot. 

Bynum explains:

There are a large number of people in the Kansas City area who are turncoats, betraying the Chiefs in their attempt to hop on the lucrative Peyton Manning bandwagon. With all of Manning and John Elway’s media manipulation, it is easy to see why so many Chiefs fans are burning converted to a morally uncouth franchise who destroyed Christian quarterback Tim Tebow’s life, are components of Papa John’s radical ‘smoke a joint, then get the pizza-munchies’ agenda. It is easy to understand how the Broncos managed to get a few members of Chief’s security to ‘turn a blind eye’ while they spiked the Chief’s Gatorade with powdered marijuana.

With their Gatorade spiked, the Chiefs found themselves in the same dizzying, uncoordinated stupor they were two weeks ago, when the Broncos flooded the Chiefs locker room with marijuana smoke at the now infamous ‘Marijuana-gate at Mile High‘ incident.

Although a brilliant way to explain why the Chiefs looked like a high school team against the Broncos for most of their two games against one another this year, Bynum's story has a major flaw. You see, he goes on to explain that Knowshon Moreno had to of been high to do some of the things he did, thus weed gave him an advantage while taking away from his team. Make up your mind, man, it either helps you or it doesn't!

It's a try try by Chiefs fans to explain why their team is inferior to the Broncos, but it just doesn't work. But they don't have to worry because more than likely they will get one more chance in the playoffs to get a "Mile HIGH!!"