Taking a trip to another state that has no medical marijuana, or tolerance could be dangerous. A Colorado man recent story of his bust in Iowa apparently is nothing new. Are law enforcement now profiling out of state drivers based on their home state's marijuana laws?

On Friday February 15, 2013, a 33-year-old from Brighton, Colorado was transporting nearly 12 pounds of marijuana while driving to Madison, Wisconsin.

Michael Roberts at The Westward brings up that actions of police in some states are questionable at best, possibly profiling. Are police in states still hardcore about marijuana making easy targets of those with licence plates from a marijuana tolerant states?

Governor Hickenlooper's Amendment 64 task force has recommended that signs be posted at airports and state lines to remind those leaving they can't take their marijuana with them. If you leave your pot, does just being from Colorado make you a target?

One excerpt from a Mountain Bike Review forum member. Forum member 'MulletSlayer' said in summer of 2010,

"Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

I had to drive through Illinois on I-80 this week and was pulled over for having Colorado plates. They had the dog out within 4 minutes. As far as I could tell when the dog circled the car twice it didn't do anything to indicate a hit, but they still searched the trunk. When I was in the cop car the cop kept asking me if I had any Medical Marijuana in the car, which I didn't but it was a rental so who knows what the last person had in it. Once they finished I was let go with a warning for going 6 miles over the speed limit.

I was pulled over again 10 minutes later. The cop immediately asked when was the last time I was pulled over? I told him I was just profiled as a drug runner 5 minutes ago and had the car searched and he immediately let me go.

So be careful driving through that state. There is a chance you will get profiled because of your Colorado plates.

Also I don't have a criminal record, any points on my license, or a medical marijuana card and my wife and dog were also in the car."


Manmountain Dense replied on April 15, 2012,

"Virtually the exact same thing happened to me in Iowa last year.

They claimed my license plate frame was blocking too much of my plate. No kidding.

Unless they have probable cause to arrest you, it's illegal for them to search you unless you consent.

Most people consent to the search out of fear of the hassle. So they feel they can violate our rights at will, because they know most people won't stand up for themselves. It's sickening."


In response to the Westward story reader quikslvr8807 wrote:

"Got pulled over going home to tx for niece's baptism. Made it there but on the way back I was stopped by a state trooper for going 5 over. 20 minutes later the drug dog was there and they found less than a gram of wax and I was charged with a felony. I ha ve a medicinal marijuana license in Colorado."

Have you ever been stereotyped as having or using marijuana, based upon your home state's marijuana laws?