I promise I am not a pervert that goes around and tries to look under chicks skirts, but like any guy out there, if a woman forgets she has a skirt on and happens to bend over, I am not going to turn away. It's just part of life. Happy that American Apparel realizes that too. 

This is the same company that has been a little racy before with mannequins that have a bunch of pubic hair growing out of their underwear and such. So it's really not a big surprise that they would also use a woman bending over in a skirt to help them sell skirts.

Some people (mostly feminists) are pissed, but I personally think it's a good warning to women not to bend over while wearing skirts, and also a great ploy to get boys to buy their wives/girlfriends skirts in hopes of getting a glimpse of what's underneath...

P.S. they also have see-through, almost plastic looking skirts too. Ladies, just be sure to shave your nether regions before buying these things, as this store may have you thinking it's ok not to!

American Apparel's closest store to us is in Boulder by the way, if you really need to go buy a skirt.