Merchandising in the motion picture and television world is about as limitless as our universe. It was only a matter of time before marketers as Star Trek realized the starship Enterprise's hull is round, and so is the blade on the typical household pizza cutter. Needless to say, they put two and two together, and the result: The Starship Enterprise Pizza Cutter.

I own one of these things, and you know what.... it really works. Insofar as pizza cutters go, this is top notch. No doubt you are wonder what else it does. Do the warp engines light up? Does it make sounds when you push a button? Does it say phrases from the television series in the voices of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock? As a matter of fact, no. It cuts pizza. That's it. Simple and elegant. Check out these satisfied customers.

So, this is great, but... does it work?