There are definitely people out there that would consider themselves to be animal lovers. But this woman, she takes her love to the extreme.

Me’Shell Miller of California started collecting clumps of hair from her German Shepherd Romeo. She knew that one day, she would turn it into something nice to remember him by.
When Romeo eventually passed away, Me'Shell took the fur and sent it to a company called Chiengora Fibers in Canada. This company specializes in taking animal fur and spinning it into yarn, to be used in making hats and other clothing.

There was a problem, though. She sent away the fur, but never heard anything from the company and her credit card was never charged.

It turns out that the woman who runs the company was on vacation and the four weeks that it was expected to take turned into three months. But Me'Shell eventually got her hat.  And what a hat it is!

What are your odd animal tributes?